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The Origin OI30 internal door

Enhance your home’s interior with the sleek and modern Origin OI30 internal door from Add Space Construction. Crafted for durability and style, these doors offer customizable options to suit your preferences, from handle sets to glass configurations. With industry-leading quality and a 20-year guarantee, the Origin OI30 internal door combines sophistication with longevity. Experience interior luxury with Add Space Construction’s Origin OI30 door.


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The Origin OI30 internal door


The Origin OI30 internal door, available through AddSpace Construction, is emerging as a leading choice in the ‘crittall’ style internal door market. Its sleek and contemporary design surpasses many competitors, offering a modern aesthetic that enhances various home styles. Featuring customizable options such as the signature knurled brass handle set and the distinctive ‘lock box’ design reminiscent of the industrial era, the OI30 door exudes quality and style.

Tailored to individual preferences, the OI30 is fully customisable to achieve the desired look and functionality. From the number of horizontal bars dividing the glass to vertical splits, every detail can be personalized to suit the homeowner’s taste. With Add Space Construction, homeowners can expect a bespoke solution that perfectly complements their living space.

The Origin OI30 internal door

Add a splash of colour

Add Space Construction now offers the Origin OI30 internal door in an extensive range of RAL colours, providing homeowners with the flexibility to match their interior design preferences. Whether opting for a subtle white finish or making a bold statement with bronze or green, the OI30 door can be tailored to suit any room’s aesthetic.

Highlighted in the picture are the stunning Bronze RAL8040 OI30 French doors, complete with side panels and top lights, showcasing the door’s versatility. Featuring brass knurled handles for added elegance, these doors create a striking focal point in any space.

Additionally, the OI30 is available as standard in Jet black RAL9005M, providing a sleek and timeless option for those seeking a classic look. With Add Space Construction, customers can benefit from Origin’s quick lead time, with supply-only doors available in just 7 days.

The Origin OI30 internal door


With Add Space Construction, every purchase of an Origin product includes their unparalleled 20-year guarantee, setting a new standard in industry assurance. This comprehensive guarantee covers any potential issues that may arise in the future, providing customers with peace of mind from the moment the product leaves the factory. There’s no need for registration – the guarantee begins as soon as the product is installed in your home, ensuring continuous coverage throughout its lifespan.

The Origin OI30 internal door

Download Our Brochure

Explore the possibilities with Add Space Construction’s brochure for the Origin OI30 internal doors. Discover the sleek and modern aesthetic of these ‘crittall’ style doors, perfect for adding a contemporary touch to any home. Our brochure showcases the customizable options available, from handle sets to glass configurations, allowing you to create a bespoke look tailored to your style and taste. With detailed product information and stunning visuals, our brochure makes it easy to envision how the Origin OI30 doors can enhance your living space. Download now to start planning your interior transformation.

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